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Here are some of the presentations and reviews done at past meetings:

Ron Swift April 22, 2017 Raspberry Pi home server setup notes are located here.

Here is Dr. Jon Squire Feb 25, 2017 Python presentation.

At our Jan 28, 2017 meeting we discussed possible presentation topics for the year. We also decided to devote the March 2017 meeting to helping persons install Ubuntu on their laptop. Ron Swift also gave a presentation on running Ubuntu Mate on a Raspberry Pi3. The meeting notes are here.

Ron Swift Nov 19, 2016 security presentation that focused on desktop Ubuntu users is here.

Bryan Rock's excellent presentation notes from the October 22, 2016 meeting about commandline commands and scripts are here in two versions: the commands and the commands with the answers

Updated notes on installing Ubuntu as dual boot on a Windows system with UEFI here.

The June 25, 2016 meeting was devoted to a series of lightning talks about some of the attendees favorite Ubuntu related programs. The notes can be downloaded.

Ron Swift lead a discussion of the Ubuntu 14.04 desktop at the March 19, 2016 meeting which included overviews of the unity, kde and xfce window manager flavors of Ubuntu. The notes from the discussion can be downloaded.

Here are the presentation notes on the discussion regarding running Ubuntu on a Chromebook at our Jan 30, 2016 meeting.

Ron Swift gave an overview of the changes expected in Ubuntu 15.10 and a presentation on using Wordpress and Joomla content management web development systems on Ubuntu servers at the Sept 26, 2015 meeting.

Jean Yav gave a presentation on KVM virtualization at the Mar 28, 2015 meeting.

Bryan Rock gave the first of a two part presentation on System Administration at the Feb 28, 2015 meeting

Ron Swift presented on Installing Ubuntu at the Jan 24, 2015 meeting. He also referenced a guide on VirtualBox usage that was prepared for another Linux group.

Alex Smith presented on using ProxMox to build a personal cloud on October 25, 2014

Stuart Hirsch also gave an overview of his presentation, Socially Responsible Computing at the October 25, 2014 meeting

Jack Suter presentation on IRC Basic Usage which was given on September 27, 2014

Bryan Rock presentation on Installing MediaWiki which was given on June 28, 2014

Jean Yav Using the Command Line - Part 1 Feb 22,2014 presentation 

Ruth W. review of the book Ubuntu Unleashed Desktop write up.

Our November 23, 2013 meeting featured a review of Gimp, the image management program.

LibreOffice presentation on Jun 22, 2013

Ubuntu Unity Tips and Tricks Mar 30, 2013 presentation

Our September 2013 meeting was devoted to a discussion and review of LinuxLite

October 2013 meeting where we reviewed Ubuntu 13.10 and Owncloud was well attended with 10 attendees  


Ubuntu Downloads

You can download the latest version of Ubuntu via this link, http://www.ubuntu.com/download

Full Circle Magazine

Full Circle Magazine is a free publication and podcast for the Ubuntu community. It is published monthly and contains insightful articles. http://fullcirclemagazine.org/

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Ubuntu Manual

Here is the link to the Ubuntu Manual project which provides documentation on using a Ubuntu system.

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