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  • how to make android studio seen from 'application list' ?
    i install 'android studio' on my ubuntu. The location of the 'android studio' folder is on folder 'opt' - and to run the application i need to open the terminal on the 'opt/android studio/bin' and run ./studio.sh 1. Is it possible to make some shurtcut on the desktop and run the 'android...
  • [ubuntu] How do you boot 7zip and/or File Roller?
    I'm running Ubuntu 16.04.02 on a PC. I used Symantic Package Manager to install 7zip and its graphical manager, File Roller. Symantec confirms that they're installed, but I can't find the way to boot either of them. They don't appear when I click the "Search Your Computer" button at the top...
  • Can't get sound "Access denied" on my chromebook
    Hi everyone, I'm pretty new to Ubuntu (maybe 2 days maybe 3). I installed it on my chromebook and it's a blast. The big problem is that I can't have sound. I go on settings>Sound and it can't figure out my sound pilot. Anyway, I don't remember what command line i did but it gave me my sound...

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Full Circle Magazine is a free publication and podcast for the Ubuntu community. It is published monthly and contains insightful articles. http://fullcirclemagazine.org/

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Here is the link to the Ubuntu Manual project which provides documentation on using a Ubuntu system.

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