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The perfect place to post for your Ubuntu support if you are new to Linux.
  • problem with codeigniter in localhost
    hello, i am new to linux. i have placed my code in /var/www/html/prasad which is in codeigniter but when i type localhost/prasad then it shows an error that The requested URL was not found on this server. i didnt do anything else, not changed .htaccess file. how can i solve this problem ?
  • Can't connect to router via wireless/wired on Ubuntu 16.04
    As I said in the title, I can't connect to my router on Ubuntu 16.04 but I can connect through Windows 10 (with both Ethernet AND wifi) which I dual boot with. I can also connect from other devices such as my phone and my laptop so I'm assuming that my router isn't the problem. When I go to...
  • Rhythmbox sees MacBook music files, but says they don't exist
    Trying to share music files from my MacBook (with Sierra). Rhythm box able to see my folders, but when I click on any folder it says the files don't exist.

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