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Linux Lite is a new distro that is based on Ubuntu. The current version 1.0.6 uses Ubuntu 12.04 as its foundation. Future versions of Linux Lite will be built on long-term versions of Ubuntu.

The distro is designed for persons new to Linux and those with low level hardware. It uses the XFCE window manager which provides a light weight system. It comes with all the software one would need to be fully functional from the start. This includes:

  • LibreOffice Writer and Calc
  • XFBurn CD/DVD Burner
  • VLC Media Player
  • Firefox browser
  • Thunderbird Email client
  • Gimp Image Editor
  • Thunar File Manager

Here is a great video overview of Linux Lite: 



Ubuntu Downloads

You can download the latest version of Ubuntu via this link, http://www.ubuntu.com/download

Full Circle Magazine

Full Circle Magazine is a free publication and podcast for the Ubuntu community. It is published monthly and contains insightful articles. http://fullcirclemagazine.org/

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Ubuntu Manual

Here is the link to the Ubuntu Manual project which provides documentation on using a Ubuntu system.

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